Google Code-in 2016

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This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to mentor with the Wikimedia Foundation after my success as a finalist last year. I mentored several students completing tasks for the Kiwix, Offline Wikipedia Android app. With their help we managed to complete several new features and fix numerous bugs. We just released version 2.2 including these improvements and the user feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

It has been amazing to see the quality of the pull requests that we received, truly a testament to the excellent students participating. I hope that in the coming months participants will continue to engage in open source communities, learning as they go.

Looking back Google Code-in 2015 was a defining point in my life, it gave me an opportunity to use my programming ability to make a difference while also constantly learning. The experience that I have gained has opened doors that I couldn’t have possibly imagined and reviews from real people whose lives our app has impacted can’t help but brighten one’s day. I hope that the students of this years Google Code-in can experience these things and more as they continue contributing and learning.

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