Wikimedia Hackathon 2016

Over the Easter holidays I had the privileged to travel to Jerusalem to take part in the annual Wikimedia Hackathon. It was a great event and one that I won’t forget. From the moment I arrived I was amazed at the atmosphere of an event driven by the ultimate goal of making knowledge open to everyone.

My main task during the event was adding important features along with bug fixes to the Kiwix Android App. Some features which I was able to implement include an all new table of contents allowing fast navigation to subsections of a page as well as important updates to make the app suitable for the latest version of android.

As well as getting to meet other mentors from Google Code-In, I worked alongside one of the Kiwix mentors further integrating myself into the project. During the event we also had the opportunity to meet two Israeli students who were eager to contribute both during the event and after we had all returned home.

On the final day of the event I had some time before my flight home and so went on a tour of ‘The Old City’ in Jerusalem. It was amazing to see the historical sites in comparison with the modern ‘New City’.

Overall I found the experience to be nothing like anything that I have done before. The feeling of unity at the event where developers from across the world were contributing was awe inspiring and it gave me a renewed sense of importance for the aims of the Wikimedia Foundation.